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Nov 17, 2013 7:55pm EST
shutdowns before. we've had many disagreements in the past. one problem with american politics is we don't learn the lessons from the jackson and lincoln era, those lessons are politics are rough, tough, they're defamatory. we need to have a new civility in politics and compromise for the sake of promise is historical. politicians today are so thin skinned. they're like little school children. you have to have less respect than we do for the 19th century guys because they could take it. that's how american politics is. that's how lincoln was. once lincoln thought he was right, as in fighting the civil war, he said let it be started by war, then it will be tried by war. the results of free elections for the presidency must be respected. lincoln was rigorous and ruthless. they sent 750,000 men to die. i think lincoln might have chuckled we're so hot and bothered about this current, temporary, crisis. >> that's a hard act to follow, but do you want to comment on that comparison? do you want to comment on what james just said? >> strictly speaking, nothing but another civil war is equivalent
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1